solitary stride album cover Ross Rademacher - Solitary Stride

Last Update: June 21, 2004
If I had to describe Ross's art in one word, I'd have to pick "original", but that hardly does justice to a singer/songwriter of such ability.

The music of native New Mexican Ross Rademacher is pleasing in a simple, familiar way -- surprisingly so, as his inspired chord progressions are anything but simple, and the characters in his stories are no one you know. Still, somehow, you'll feel the music speaking right to your soul, and you'll get to know his characters and feel that you understand them... that you even love them.

Solitary Stride Tracks

To obtain a CD or cassette copy of Solitary Stride (includes booklet with pictures and all lyrics), or for more information about Ross's work, please send email to David Thomas or phone Ross directly at (505) 857-0783.

Solitary Stride was recorded and mixed at Dead Chicken Studios in Albuquerque, NM.

Mastering was done by Digicore Productions in Chicago by Brian Stuhlmacher. If you're a producer (independent or major label) please consider Brian for your next project. The guy is phenomenal and his rates are very reasonable.

Duplication was done by Oasis Duplication. We got personal service and total satisfaction. I still owe them a gushing fan letter.

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