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Last Update: June 21, 2004
Welcome to our little project studio! Here you will find some of our works and works-in-progress, in streaming and downloadable mp3 form. Please don't be too disappointed if some of the chicken is half-baked!

(If your browser doesn't want to play these sound files, try visiting Real Networks and downloading their RealPlayer. It's free, and it can play all the clips on this page.)

To Love You More

April and I decided to go all out with this remake of Celine Dion's hit, To Love You More. We emerged from the studio bloodied, but unbowed. This is technically a rough mix, but at this point we're being pretty fussy!

To Love You More: streaming download

To appreciate just how incredibly clean April's singing is, try this lead vocal excerpt with all other tracks muted. Most singers cannot stand up to this type of scrutiny.

April's Raw Vocal: streaming download

You can hear more of April's singing on April's Vocal Demo Page.

Hard To Take You Down

This is a project we've had to put on hold because we're not very good lyricists. We feel the music is really interesting and would love to finish the song someday.

If you'd like to help us out, we recommend that you first listen to the instrumental demo, then to the version with rough vocals, and only then read our thoughts about the song and what we think it needs.

Hard To Take You Down (instrumental): streaming download

Hard To Take You Down (rough vocal): streaming download

Click to read our thoughts about the song.

Solitary Stride

In 1995-1996, we produced a full-length album for Ross Rademacher, a gifted singer/songwriter/guitarist. You can listen to the whole album for free on the page listed here.

Click here for Ross Rademacher - Solitary Stride

Dream Songs

Not infrequently, I wake up with a musical idea in my head. Sometimes it's lame or obvious, and sometimes it just isn't interesting enough to try to remember. Here are a couple that grabbed me enough that I decided to record them. I call these 'songlets' because they aren't complete songs. I recorded only as much as I dreamed, and the purpose of the recording was mostly archival. Still, these can be fun to share.

Santiagos Radio Spot

To reward you for reading this far, here's a silly Macarena spoof we did as a commercial for our favorite local taco place.

Santiago's commercial: streaming download

Dead Chicken Personnel

Dead Chicken Studios is a little project studio occupying half a room in the home of David and April Thomas. April sings and is getting pretty good at mixing. David does whatever else is necessary to put it all together. Some days, it's altogether too much. Don't get me started on the accordion...

Dead Chicken Equipment

In case you're curious, here is what we masochistic minimalists use to make the music on this page.

David B. Thomas (dt@dt.prohosting.com)