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Last Update: March 22, 2015
Added pennywhistle part to If You Could Hie To Kolob.
Recently I've created a few choral arrangements of songs familiar to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (Not all are uniquely LDS compositions.) I'm posting them here, in case anyone finds them useful. If you end up performing one of these pieces, please drop me a note!

The Songs

For each song, the sheet music link loads the PDF file containing the printable sheet music. The source code for sheet music link lets you see how I used The ABC Music Notation System and more recently Lilypond to typeset the music. If available, a demo recording link lets you download a demo recording. Also available for some songs are rehearsal mixes, which have a specific vocal part boosted in the mix, to make it easier to learn.

Let Thy Glory Round Us Shine (Moody/Prichard)

This is a medley of two LDS hymns, He Sent His Son and In Humility, Our Savior, with just a little sprinkling of Bach thrown in, arranged for SATB choir and piano. With lots of different sections in different keys, the arrangement manages to be both reverent and joyous, and all within four minutes!

The recordings featured here are of an especially nice performance by the Albuquerque LDS Institute of Religion Choir on December 12, 2012.

Love At Home (John Hugh McNaughton)

This is LDS Hymn #294, He Is Risen, arranged for SATB choir and piano. The music flows beautifully but choir and accompanist alike must be adept at changing keys for this arrangement to come off well.

He Is Risen (Cecil Frances Alexander, Joachim Neander)

This is a gentle and soothing arrangement of He Is Risen for a flute and two violins.

My Redeemer Lives (Gordon B. Hinckley, G. Homer Durham)

This is not I Know That My Redeemer Lives but the less familiar hymn #135, arranged for SATB choir and piano.

If You Could Hie To Kolob (William Wines Phelps, Traditional)

This is quite possibly the most uniquely LDS hymn, arranged for SATB choir and piano. For those who don't know, "hie" is old English for "hurry", and Kolob is a place nearer to God than this earth. (This demo recording came out very nice.)

The video featured here is of a performance by the Albuquerque LDS Institute of Religion Choir on May 6, 2010.

Families Can Be Together Forever (Ruth Muir Gardner, Vanja Watkins)

This is a beautiful primary song, arranged for solo child voice, SATB choir and optional piano (can be sung a cappella if preferred).

Sanctus (Gabriel Faure)

This is an enhanced choral arrangement to accompany the popular John Rutter arrangement of Sanctus, from the Faure Requiem. Mainly it adds some nice vocal harmonies to make up for the lack of instrumentation. (This demo recording came out especially nice.)

Easter Hosanna (Vanja Watkins)

This is the wonderful primary song arranged for SATB choir and piano.

Prayer of the Children (Kurt Bestor)

Here are two a cappella arrangements of Kurt Bestor's breathtaking composition, Prayer of the Children. One is for three voices (SAB) and one is for four (SATB). I hope to upload a demo recording of this someday.

I Believe In Christ (McConkie/Longhurst)

This is the LDS Hymn, arranged for a men-only a cappella group.

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