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Updated: March 19, 2001

What is cse?

cse is a mouse-driven font editor for Linux native console fonts. It can handle both normal and "psf" formats, in font sizes 8x5 through 8x16. It requires svgalib to run and svgalib-devel to compile. X11 is not used.

What comes with cse?

The package comes with a precompiled binary which is known to work on Redhat 7.0 and source which compiles on Slackware and RedHat, and probably others. Also included are a couple of demonstration fonts.

Is it easy to use?

Once you get it going, nothing could be simpler. You just point and click on pixels and use very basic functions like rotate, invert, flip, etc. to get the characters the way you want them. If you don't use svgalib for anything else, though, you might have to fuss with it a little to get the library working first.

Is cse free?

I have placed cse in the Public Domain. It doesn't get any freer than that!

Why did you write it?

I love the game nethack and my favorite way to play is with my own fonts, so a dog looks like a dog, an altar looks like an altar, etc. If you'd like to learn more about how you can play nethack with custom linux console fonts, see -DeeT's Linux Nethack Fonts Page.

Download cse

cse is available here as a gzipped tar archive.


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