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I'm always working on some overblown project or other. I've set aside this little space to share them with you, the people.

loop antenna Portable HF Transmitting Loop Antenna (November 12, 2004)

Once again I got bitten by the antenna-making bug. This time I made a handheld, portable, packable antenna that can operate on HF frequencies that normally require much larger antennas.

nethack screenshot -DeeT's Linux Nethack Fonts Page (March 3, 2003)

Since nethack 3.4.1 was just released, I updated my console font game patches. This offers a nethack playing experience that has more charm than the tiles, yet is less arcane than traditional text mode. On this page you'll find everything you need to patch nethack 3.4.1 (and older version 3.3.1) and experience a whole new way of enjoying the game.

petlowany Petlowany Three-Band Burner Antenna (June 23, 2002)

After reading about a ham who experimented with spiral coils on the ends of antennas, -DeeT went all out to design and build this trapless three band vertical. The web page has enough detail so you can build your own.

font editor Linux Font Editor (March 20, 2001)

This is a Linux native console mode font editor that I created in 1996 so I could make special fonts for playing nethack. I finally touched it up and released a new version.

compressor "What Compressor" (January 28, 2000)

Read the fascinating saga of my obsession with a Joe Meek compressor, and my attempt to duplicate its wondrous sound. The result is a compressor that combines some of Joe Meek's magic with some of my own for a unique and subtle compression that caresses delicate vocal and instrument tracks with a velvet touch. Schematics and full explanations supplied!

Video Clock Superimposer (March 10, 1999)

A friend of mine has a home security system which works well for him, but it has one drawback: it doesn't timestamp the tapes. This project provided him with a solution. It overlays the time of day onto an existing video signal.

Santiagos Tacos Radio Spot (December, 1998)

April and I produced a commercial for our favorite local Taco joint, Santiago's in Albuquerque (292-TACO). The link above loads the realaudio file.

pong VCR Pong Game (November, 1998)

I built a pong game with a microcontroller and only a dozen or so other parts. The controller actually generates NTSC video out a single output pin, using a simple one-transistor driver stage to get proper video levels.

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