What's New at -DeeT's

Update: November 12, 2004

We now have the video for Laffin' Levis, a very memorable and cute ad. If you don't recognize the commercial by name, it is likely you'll know it when you see it.

Update: August 14, 2002

This was almost a non-update. I just applied a few corrections from emails I received. Some of the voice credits for commercials were wrong, and I got more information about Anne B. Davis's recurring character, "Schultzy". All can be found on the TV for Grown-Ups page.

I have actually been working on the links to other sites, so that update should go in very soon.

Update: June 2, 2002

Wow... where do I start? So much has happened and it feels so great to be back!

Leaving rt66.com

-DeeT's 70s Page was hosted at rt66.com for eight years, and I really hated to move. Unfortunately, rt66 suffered some pretty heavy financial blows, leading to prolonged outages and weeks of unanswered phones. Hopefully they will recover but in the meantime life must go on.

A new home at prohosting.com

Most of the files have now been moved to the new site at prohosting.com. So far I'm very impressed with their zippy servers.

Site being restored piecemeal

Most of the site is back. I'm restoring it a piece at a time so I can take the time to clean up each piece as it goes back online. A lot of these clean-ups have been needed for an embarrassingly long time, so this is a good opportunity to actually get in there and improve the site.

First on the missing list is my Links page, because I have many new links to add and obsolete links to fix.

The Internet Radio page hasn't worked for years, since the audio files are all encoded in a format that is no longer available. I'm leaving it down so I can convert the files to realaudio.

The Lost and Found and Faith's Answer Corner pages are down for the moment, until I figure out what to do about the lost and found. I'm thinking a guestbook might make a whole lot more sense.

Finally, the Mister Microphone page is down. I have some truly wonderful new entries to add.

That's it! Other than that, you'll find all the same stuff you've come to know and love at -DeeT's, plus I've been though each page, adding updated comments where applicable, fixing dead links, even improving a graphic here and there. It should feel like the same old -DeeT's, only a lot less neglected.

Smiley's lost his beard

Some of you might have noticed that the smiley on the main page has lost his beard. This is because the beard contained the old address for -DeeT's. I'll be contacting the artist to see if she can make him a nice, new beard with the new address.

Thanks to all of you

Thanks again to all of you who have visited -DeeT's over the years. It has truly been wonderful receiving emails from all of you. It's been years since I could answer all the mail, but I do read every single letter.

Especially now since I'm in there changing so many things, please let me know if you find any dead links or other errors.

Yours in any decade...

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