Audio Players

These 70s web pages are loaded with juicy audio samples from days gone by. The vast majority of these are in .au format, which is a common standard playable on UNIX, PC, and Mac machines. Most popular browsers (including Internet Explorer and Netscape) come with audio playing capability and support the .au file format intrinsically.

If your browser does not have intrinsic support for .au files, never fear! A number of excellent add-on packages are available. For IBM-compatible machines, you can't go wrong with GoldWave or Cool Edit.

For longer sound samples, I've been adding audio files encoded in RealAudio and mp3 formats. So far I offer relatively few RealAudio and mp3 files and they are all specially marked. These files are set up to "stream", so the sound will start playing while the download is proceeding.

The RealAudio player software may be obtained (free of charge) directly from its creators at RealNetworks. Their web site guides you to the deluxe player which is not free, but if you read carefully and stick to your guns, you'll locate the free player.


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